BORN FREE Melbourne, Australia

Hardcore band from Melbourne.

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Track Name: Resent
I got my reasons,
I've gotta get out,
You gave me hell,
Clouded my mind with doubt,
You want my reasons?
Take a look at yourself,
I gave it everything,
It was never enough.

Fade to black,
Shades of grey,
What do I do,
To make my great escape,
I've told you once,
Wont tell you again,
All this suffocation,
Will only lead to resent.


Ive faced some hard times,
But I aint done hard time,
My only crime,
was trying to survive,
You pulled me down again,
Into depression,
I feel I slipped away
from my self again
Track Name: Evil Hands
Got the dollar sign hanging over our heads
Bred to walk this path of pain and regret
Force to be spending on want and need
A culture bound to sickness, power and greed

I can feel something pulling at me
I cant bare to stand on my own two feet

Got our dirty hands around earths neck
Choking for resource, so close to death
Soon the flames will come on crashing in
Can’t escape the heat, when the madness begins

I can feel something pulling at me
Can you help me when the madness begins?

Evil Hands – I can’t be free
Evil Hands – Power and Greed
Track Name: Coffin Dodger
I’ve got one more nail
For that coffin you’re living in
Confined – Soulless
Head in a noose
You’ve been living in sin
You’ve become so careless
To those closest to you
Has living close to your death
Made you hollow too?

Running from the gallows

All I hear is hatred
And all I hear is fucking pain
I’ve become too exposed
When I hear your name

Running – From the truth
Running – From the noose
Hiding – In the shadows
‘til your six feet below
Track Name: I to I
Every time I close my eyes
The longing for sleep that I’ve deprived
The longing for that something more
Than just a place to rest my head
The years they seem to roll on by
Feeling like I’m just killing time
All the while my life is blessed
In this world of emptiness

The pain I take, the life I make – No other way
The choices made, no one to blame – But myself
The life I lead, the blood I bleed – Is Just
All I am, all I have – is myself
Track Name: Square One
Stepping on my toes for far too long,
Rubbed the wrong way, I’m coming undone
All this fixation, on where I’m wrong
I can’t help but feel I’m back to square one.
Endless nights, turning in my sleep
I came to realise I’m in too deep
Give me a second to comprehend
I don’t know how much my back will bend
Nailed to the ground, I can’t take much more
Feeding on the scraps you throw to the floor
Breaking me down just to be built back up
Time takes its toll, My rage will return
Track Name: Power
They fucking got you eating out of their hands
Slave to the dollar sign, life’s in short demand
Taxing each breath, as if it were your last
Society’s killers hide behind a mask
Of deception, greed, corporate machines
Taking more than they need
Stab you in the chest and watch you bleed

Each day is a curse, a turn for the worse
I’m going to hell in the back of a hearse
These moral dilemmas are making me insane
While these rich thugs are poisoning our brains
With ideas of humanity and saving mother earth
While the same motherfuckers are making forests dirt
Pissing in our rivers and laughing while we drink
As the poor and hungry dissolve on the street
Its time to fight back

We’ll just sit back
And watch these acts
Against our fellow man
My life, your life
No future in sight
From these evil hands