Demo 2013

by Born Free

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released May 22, 2013



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BORN FREE Melbourne, Australia

Hardcore band from Melbourne.

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I can't believe
anything that's said to me
every day is getting worse
cant escape this curse

Information, withheld
still they cast their spells
zipped up mouths and forked tongues
another story's just been spun

can't see through smoke
i hope to god that you choke
on the truth thats never told

Payment for your sins
Still you deny everything
Track Name: Power
They have fucking got you
eating out of there hands
slave to the dollar sign
your lifes in short demand
taxing each breath
as if it were your last
society's killers hide behind a mask
of deception and greed
these corperate machines
taking more than they need
stab you in the chest and watch you bleed

each day is a curse
a turn for the worse
its like I'm going through hell
in a back of a hearse
these moral dilemmas
are making me insane
while these rich thugs
are poisoning our brains
with ideas of humanity
saving mother earth
while the same mother fuckers
are making forest's dirt
pissing in our rivers
and laughing while we drink
and the poor and the hungry
disolve on the street

we'll just sit back
and watch these acts
against our fellow man

my life, your life
no furure in sight
from these evil hands
Track Name: The Edge Of The Knife
pull my teeth
youll get nothing from me
watch me fade to ash
im disintergrating
our worlds colliding
im going insane
ill break your fucking spirit
to take away my pain

ive been called selfish before
and i know i cant be bought
into your way of life
because i know in time
you will slip upon
the edge of that knife
Track Name: Forked Tongues
Earth seems to be burning
all this talk of solitude
dont talk to me about salvation
i only care about the truth

wearing the mask of devils
the only forks are on their tongues
filling their pockets with the words
of a so called god's only son

feeding faith to the mass's
i see them preying on the weak
no limit of manipulation
i see you preying of their beliefs

this world is burning alive
and it will erode with the sands of time
my advice, its your life just live it
show your soul
just dont give it