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released February 10, 2017



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BORN FREE Melbourne, Australia

Hardcore band from Melbourne.

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Track Name: Trust No One
Life of sin, can’t feel a thing, numb to the world, I cant trust anything
The wall of lies, the tricks and deceit, the world I know has become so bleak
Weeping wounds, a burning sky, looking back on the past with contempt in my eyes

I cant help but feel, our fate has been sealed, make peace with the truth
Before death comes for you

Constant Conflict, Constant disdain, received our scars, but the pain still remains
Weeping wounds, tears in our eyes, contempt for the past, contempt for mankind

Trust No One
Kiss of death, its haunting breath, from the devils lungs, taken deep within your chest
Its over now, were done for now, so just say your goodbyes and just let it bleed out
Track Name: Leech
Breaking the cycle, I wont return, throw it in the fire, watch it burn
My mind is curse with the same thoughts, Im not gonna wait for time to run its course
I can’t wait – no more
I won’t wait
I can’t wait – no more
I won’t wait to be burnt by you

Living like someone’s fool, loosing my mind, loosing my cool
Taking the best parts of me, watching me die as you sink your teeth

Don’t think you can handle this, breaking me apart with your fists
It would be so hard to get my best, when I put a fucking right through your chest
Track Name: Nothing
Pressures builds, feel the weight, of all your mistakes
Cannot deal, another day, cannot deal, no escape
Push too far so close to the edge
So close to the edge, can’t find the answers
Now, the only cure is a noose around your neck
Is it so wrong, to feel nothing, when you’re gone
Tension rises, feel the sting of your reality
Cannot deal, another day, cannot deal, no escape
Backed up against the wall, nothing to help you through this
Now, the only cure is the steel against your wrists
No Rest
No Peace
No Sympathy
Track Name: Chains
Latched onto you, grinding these teeth, dragging these chains, buried underneath
Stomp through the soil, rip up old graves, tied to the memory, you cant evade
Haunting presence, ghosts from your past, sent here to remind you of the stones you cast
Witness the judgement, of this life, behold the reckoning, twisting the knife
Track Name: Succumb
I can feel the frustration and anger, burning deep inside
We crawl on our hands and knees, only trying to survive
Nothing but these empty promises, to ease our minds
Can we overcome this injustice? Are we destined to decline?
I can’t believe - What’s become of the lives we live
I can’t believe - in a system that doesn’t support me
We can’t succumb to the fear, even if were drowning in it
Is there something to free my mind? Cause I cant go on like this
Free My Mind
Track Name: X-Files
I can’t believe, anything that’s said to me, every day is getting worse, cant escape this curse,
Information withheld, still they cast their spells, zipped up mouths, forked tongues, another story’s just been spun,
Cant see through the smoke, hope to god you choke, on the truth that’s never told, Power to the people
Payment- For your sins
Still - Deny Everything
Track Name: Human
I now walk alone, I feel the whispers in my ears, I could only be the nothing you can see, reminded of the pain this life has given me, I’ve learned everything in spite of this, I cant bear to be anything more that the flesh in front of you, I’m only human
Every year will pass, and you will see, Ill change the things in front of me, I’m caught inside my own emptiness, I cant feel today but nonetheless, Ill fight these walls closing in on me, I’m so sick to death of uncertainty, so give me something more than the words you say, there’s only so much more that I can take
Track Name: Sorrow
Can I spend my life, swimming against the tide, scratch through every day, one step closer to suicide,
Living this life, stabs in the dark, can I have some guidance, is that too much to ask? Scars pile, on top of each other, drained life force pulls me six feet under
Give me something more – than the words you say
There’s only so much more – I can fucking take,
I’ve had my share of pleasure, and I’ve had my pain, I don’t belong here, I’ve got nothing to gain,
So when you ask me, do you see the signs? I can’t truly say, I have been led blind
Track Name: Lost
Thrown into world of illusions, lost in the streets, overwhelmed by confusion
Nowhere to run in the darkest of times, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
I can feel myself slipping into the cracks under my feet, worn down by struggle and strife, nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Struggle to survive in these times, can’t ignore, cant turn a blind eye
The world we know is filled with pain, the pain we feel every day
Can’t grip reality, start to slip into defeat, beaten, broken running dry
Struggle to survive in these times
Track Name: Swinging Hammer
Searching and searching to destroy
Bleeding and broken I’m still alive
Swinging the hammer Ill tear you down
Swinging the hammer It takes you out
Track Name: Breathe
Take this weight of the world off my shoulders
I know there’s no escape from the troubles I face every day
Follow the same old thing, I can feel it poisoning me
Turning me so bitter and angry, I cant fight the suffering
Breathe it in, breathe it out, I’m on the verge of breaking out
Stakes start to climb, it’s a race against time
I know there’s no escape from the troubles I face everyday
Track Name: Fear
Another day, another waste, cant escape the fear of change, grown apart from myself, commit me to this living hell
Soul Sickness - Inside me – Pulled apart by the agony
Could I find my way out, get a grip before I break down, truth be told its out of sight, forever lost searching for the light

You know they say man is born free, without shackles on our hands and feet
But to trouble were always bound, from the day were born, till were put underground